Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013

Hello kiddos!
We bought a few minutes of internet--yay!

We asked our neighbors about mail here--They don't have any (what?)  If they were to get something and it were to be delivered and they lived in town the mail carrier would simply toss it over their fence into their yard.   Dale-correct me if I miss understood any of that.  To pay their bills they just all go into town and pay their elec. bill.  We call a 'gas man' and they deliver big cylinders of gas that we take into the house and hook up to the water heater and our little Estuva (like a gas space heater).  We pay in cash about $34 for each of those and I think they last almost 2 weeks. So to mail us anything just send it to the mission office in Vina del Mar.  

We are adjusting to all the farm animals squawking and barking at night. The road on the other side of our house (the Hwy)is pretty busy at times & that has made it difficult for me to escape and find a place to walk. There is No Shoulder to the road and walking in weeds etc isn't very fun.

The stores have a very limited selection of food. I've been scouring it looking for a tiny container of Crisco (to make cookies--somehow the previous owners left a bag of chocolate chips)-- but no luck.  Nothing like pretzels or coolwhip to make Courtneys moms famous Pretzel Jello.  We also asked all over for a Crock-Pot with no luck.  We can't drink our water (it's Well water) and it's been hard to remember to spit it all out when brushing teeth.

Love you all and am missing you very much!

Mission Office:
Chile Viña del Mar Misión
4 Norte 1112, Casilla 631,
Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Chile

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