Monday, July 15, 2013

Journal Entry #1 Cuz, Cuz, Chile

I know I kept saying that they could stick me in the middle of the Mountains in a tiny remote village, but I don't really think I expected it! We are in Cuz, Cuz (outside of Illapel) by the Palto Wacho (Lone Avocado Tree) Stop #9, at least that is what we tell people if they want our address.

 We have a gated & fenced in year like everyone else here in the country.  At first I thought it was for security purposes but it is really more to keep the livestock and poultry and MANY dogs from escaping.  There is graffiti everywhere in town and all the little stores along the small narrow streets are boarded up and closed off & on during the day.  It was hard to locate the church because it's gate looked like so many others.  But once entering it we saw a beautiful little patch of green lawn all neatly manicured.  It has a small Basketball court out back which doubles as a soccer court and parking lot.  The building is fairly large, as at one time the church membership was too.  Many of the members are 'less-active' so we have lots of work to do in helping them return and remember what they once had. 

I don't know how long we will be here in this branch in our assigned district.  Our Miss. Pres (Kahnlein) may prefer us to live in the Oceanside village of Los Vilos, where there is a larger and more active membership to work with.

I have been ill since our arrival (actually since before we left Charlotte) but am slowly recovering.  The good news is they haven't sent us packing yet so they must want to keep us!  Today is our first 'P' day - for me that means Pants!!
~Sister Schramm
 Drying clothes
 Diana, the dog
 Vina del Mar
We have heat!

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