Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Big Tree

April 24, 2014
We had a super fun time at this Soc Soc (sociedad de Socorro) dia en el campo.  It was at Hna Nancy Chavez out past Salamance. I loved the huge tree that we ate under.  It was warm so shade was appreciated.  Sister Nancy makes herbal tea and other natural products like dried fruits and jams.  Everyone always brings their own plates; cups and utensils to any functions.  They wash them (rinse them) and reuse them as necessary.  This day they were used for desayuno and almuerzo.  After eating we went for a 15-20 walk down to the river bed. The water was cold and it felt good on our bare feet.  It's the dry time of year so very little water was in the riverbed.  Grapes looked to be doing fine--- We should have some more Super Raisins soon!   enjoy the photos!

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