Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

This was an email sent to us, probably not a 'journal entry', but I thought it was cute and wanted to add it!
Dear Courtney-
Our Miss Pres Wife sent this picture out to us 'hermanas'.   Cute!

I wish we could have lived in the days of old with no one wearing makeup and doing their hair because it has all gotten so wildly out of control.  Fashion seems to dictate too much of our lives.  I am enjoying my little escape here where life is simpler.  Fashion and make-up and hair is not near as important as in the USA.  How can it be when life is still consumed with staying warm, clean and having a full belly?

One thing that made me very happy happened the other week.   I was finishing my early morning walk up in the canyon and was walking down the side walk in the Villa (little housing neighborhood) towards where i had parked our car.  All of a sudden I heard my name hollered "Hermana Schramm!"  And across the street came bounding Cata my dear 15yr old Miamaid.  She is big by Chilean standards at 5'7" and has hair...quite similar to the photo on this email. She is considered very lucky because she has BRACES.  Anyways she came up to me and threw her arms around me for a big Hug,,,then ran down the road/hillside to catch her ride who had had to continue driving on due to the cars behind him.  Luckily they were all moving slowly and she caught them.  As she was dashing for her ride I noticed that her school uniform (they all wear blue-grey-plaid-pleated-MINI-skirts) was a very nice modest length.  It was the first skirt I had seen of a decent length and I knew she being so tall would have had a hard time finding one to fit.  I was so proud of her I about bust into tears.  In fact I'm tearing up now just thinking about how brave and strong and true Cata is!  What a beautiful example of being clean and pure -inside and out- she is!  I love how she knows who she is and where she is going and is an example to so many others.

All of you (my girls) are the same way in your own special way. You may not have to set an example in what clothes you wear anymore as you don't attend HS. But in your actions and words you let others know very clearly who you are and what your life is all about.

Lovies to you all!


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